Dreams – A Creative Retreat

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An extraordinary two days up at Whitestone Arts last Thursday and Friday. Sharon, Natalie and Amy-Rose from verd de gris brought together 24 women from very different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to share something of their lives and life experiences through song, writing poetry, dancing and to daring to DREAM! It is impossible to […]

5000 miles – BCB Radio Interview World Refugee Day 2017

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As part of World Refugee Week 2017 Sharon from verd de gris will bring two young Afghan boys to Bradford BCB Radio to talk about their incredible and harrowing 5,000-mile journey from their homeland. After witnessing their fathers being killed by the Taliban the boys walked alone, at the age of 13, from Afghanistan to the […]

Dreaming of the Daylight Days – Poetry Book Launch!

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It is National Dementia Awareness Week 2017 – in Hebden Bridge! A wonderful evening last Thursday at Hebden Bridge library for the launch of our ‘Dreaming of the Daylight Days’ poetry book. Every Tuesday verdegris run uplifting and inspiring creative sessions at Hebden Bridge Town Hall for people living with dementia. We focus on the […]

5000 Miles – Book Illustration Competition!

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Working with staff and students at Calderdale College Art & Design Dept. As part of our new project 5000 miles verd de gris will be producing a book mapping the journey of two boys who fled their homeland in Afghanistan and found sanctuary in the UK.  Working with staff at Calderdale College Art & Design Dept we […]

‘Hear My Hands’

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‘Hear My Hands’ – a project working with the deaf community in Calderdale Another wonderful day up at the beautiful @WhitestoneArts in Stanbury for a very special workshop with Danny from Music And The Deaf, musician Amy-Rose, dance-worker Natalie and Sabah … bouncing around ideas and sharing our love of the arts and performance. The workshop […]

Dreaming of the Daylight Days

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Springtime Ahead The trees are coming into leaf green green grass is growing. Birds are flitting back and forth, the sun is gradually coming out. The daffodils are fading the crows and rooks above are crowing. Days are getting longer, the restless ground is moving. The sky threatens rain but hopefully it has stopped snowing, […]

Dreaming of the Daylight Days

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Now Spring Now Spring has clad the world in green and the sky is a beautiful blue. The birds are singing, not a cloud in the sky, everything is calm as the sun spreads its warmth through all the green land. Yellow primroses, pink tulips, bluebells beneath the trees bask in the sunlight and wave […]

Music & The Deaf – ‘Dreams’ project

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Over the course of 2017’s year of activity verd de gris will be exploring the notion of ‘sound’ and ‘communication’ with local people who are deaf or severely hard of hearing. Over the last few years we have been working closely people in the Pakistani community who have been deaf since birth. Our good friend Sabah was born […]

Dreams! A year of hope and aspiration …

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DREAM TIME!! So the the guiding theme for all our work in the final year of our #CreativeCommunities initiative will be exploring ‘Dreams, Hopes & Aspirations’. Our super duper team of artists will develop a number of ‘creative interventions’ which will take place with targeted groups (in schools and with marginalised individuals) across Calderdale. Our […]

Dreaming of the Daylight Days – Poetry Book Launch

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On Thursday May 11th 5pm at Hebden Bridge Library verd de gris arts will celebrate the launch of their new poetry book ‘Dreaming of the Daylight Days’. We would like to invite you to join us at this very special event to celebrate with us. There will be poetry readings and some singing! We hope you can come! Created […]