Dreaming of the Daylight Days – Poetry Book Launch!

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It is National Dementia Awareness Week 2017 – in Hebden Bridge!

A wonderful evening last Thursday at Hebden Bridge library for the launch of our ‘Dreaming of the Daylight Days’ poetry book.

Every Tuesday verdegris run uplifting and inspiring creative sessions at Hebden Bridge Town Hall for people living with dementia. We focus on the wonderful things people can do NOW rather than the things we feel they may have left behind. From these sessions arts facilitator Kaye Martindale and volunteer Kay Boardman created this beautiful collection of poetry and painting – the perfect embodiment of the group’s creative spirit.

The book has a foreword by acclaimed, Hebden Bridge-based poet Clare Shaw:

“From the moment of birth, it doesn’t take long to learn that life is not easy. Life, like the seasons, moves swiftly from
warmth to cold, from hunger to comfort, from sunshine to
rain, and back again. We learn quickly too, that whatever
difficulties we face, the world still offers love, happiness and

My mother has lived with dementia for over ten years. The
challenge of dementia can, at times, be particularly tough; and
sometimes it takes the support of others to see the sunshine
through the clouds. As a poet, I know how hard it is to reflect
this journey in words.

‘Dreaming of the Daylight Days’ speaks from the inside of that
journey – and is all the more ambitious and powerful for it.
Built from the input of many individuals, shared experiences
and feelings shine through – the human desire for hope and
light; how the world around us reflects our capacity to endure
and thrive. How creativity and connection create moments -
and books – of lasting depth and importance.
It reminds me of the beauty in life’s mixed weather and I will
treasure it. I hope you will too.”

As part of the launch event there were poetry readings, some singing and the chance to meet and chat with group members. We were delighted to have Councillor Tony Hodgins, Mayor of Hebden Royd join us as guest of honour. Of the book Cllr Hodgins said:

“I’m grateful to Verd De Gris for inviting me to attend their recent launch of Dreaming Of The Daylight Days poetry book.

“All the poems and art work in the book have been created by people with dementia which I found to be truly inspirational, and I would encourage people to get a copy if they can.

“I have the utmost respect for Verd De Gris because their dementia sessions are creative, enlightening and moving, and enable people who have never done anything artistic before to express themselves.  This brings a light into their lives which otherwise wouldn’t be there.

“I hope these sessions continue, and indeed become more prevalent, to give hope to dementia sufferers and their families.”

The books are available for local groups. Please contact us for details.

verdegris are really keen to see new members join this very special group. We have over 15 years experience of working creatively with older people in our communities. We provide a warm, friendly environment so why not come and give it a go. Sessions are FREE. Booking is essential. Refreshments are provided.

Every Tuesday 2.30 – 4pm.
Hebden Bridge Town Hall
St George’s St HX7 7BY

“What you do here provides food for my Soul!” Kate