At the heart of our 3-Year MANY VOICES project will be the ONE VOICE group – a creative steering group made up of a diverse  group of local women.

This group will meet monthly and we’ll be inviting guest speakers / artists to help develop creative ideas and projects with the group … with the aim of showcasing their thoughts and concerns – helping to give them a ‘platform’ for engaging wider communities.

ONE VOICE will become a more and more confident and empowered group of women – encouraged to take ideas and project formats to more and more people within the wider community – constantly looking at and responding to issues as they arise from our other satellite projects.

This group will seek to deliver creative presentations and events using poetry, film making, photography, performance.

The ‘ONE VOICE’ group of women at Square Chapel Arts Centre met for the first time in September … bringing women from different backgrounds and different life-experiences together to share thoughts and ideas about empowerment and identity.

All these women are passionate about creativity and what we can do together to increase opportunities for local women … working together to give a ‘voice’ to the thoughts and concerns concerns women from some of our most marginalised groups and communities.

As part of this programme of work supporting women and girls in #Calderdale we are bringing together local service providers who deliver services for marginalised and vulnerable groups, to explore ways in which the creative arts can be employed to help us all work better together – and to meet and share best practice.

Our first creative session at Square Chapel Arts Centre brought together staff from WomenCentre Project 1325 Home-Start Calderdale and @beechhillsch … lots of ideas, conversation and excitement about working together!!

From little acorns …

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