#5000Miles in the Bookcase and in libraries

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Why it’s so vital and important to develop projects like #5000Miles with young migrants – to dispel myths and empower these amazing courageous young people …

“We are so proud of all of it. We speak in front of all those people, people are reading our book and listening to our story. I want people to know and the Home Office that I am a good boy. That I can give to other people, that I can help younger children. We want everyone to know our story. We can help people understand our story. I feel good that we prove to other people that what they think is wrong. What they think about us is wrong. That we can help people understand what it was like for us and other people like us. People who have nothing. To show kindness, to put their hand in their pocket and to give some bread if someone is hungry. That is what I want. I don’t want to keep it inside because it is hard to keep it inside and it hurts.”

The book is available in our local bookshop and in libraries across #Calderdale

Thanks to Big Lottery Fund for giving us the chance to help these guys tell their story!