Behind the Mask in Blackburn

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… every Monday for the past couple of months we’ve been delivering this amazing project with our community health partner Waj Bashir in Blackburn.

“For many individuals this project is a first step to seeking help. It provides a non-threatening environment and in turn a more natural pathway to building social networks. Alongside the physical benefits it introduces people to other aspects of support that can lead to interventions around mental health, loneliness and Isolation issues. For organisations supporting clients in more secure settings it enables them to effectively look at a more holistic approach to mental health which in turn improves the outcomes of their client group when returning to their communities.” Waj Bashir, BwD Community Restart Team

This June we hope to take our group members to a Psychology Conference. We feel it would be “a great platform for these women to showcase the project, approaches used, and above all, give the women a voice.”

Taking the women to events where they can show the progress they have made, the work they have produced and the confidence they have built can inspire other women and show what is possible!

Watch this space …