Benefits of arts volunteering?

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Riaz worked with us as a volunteer on our recent arts commission with Super Slow Way in Blackburn. Here she explains just what it has meant to her to be part of the Through the Door carers project with verd de gris and the BwD Carers Service …

“Having completed our course as volunteers with you I cannot express in words how grateful I am to you for showing me a way that allows people to express themselves at their own level and heal themselves. I hope that I can make a difference in the lives of others as you have made a difference in mine.
I now truly believe that when you selflessly help others you inadvertently help your self. Your workshops have given me the opportunity to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary feats. It has given people hope and the willingness to take forward what they have learnt to others in need of healing.
To see such  transformation in people awakens faith in ones own abilities and connects one to the source of inspiration. I am grateful to have met all the volunteers and the people we worked with and it has kindled a spark within us in knowing we can do this together and I really look forward to working with the other volunteers in the near future.
It remains for me to say a heartfelt thank you for generously entrusting us in taking the task forward in our own capacity. I know we will meet again and I look forward to that very time we have the opportunity.” Riaz xxx

Riaz addresses an invited audience at the Poetry Book launch in January 2017