‘Behind the Mask’

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‘Behind the Mask’ is an important new development for verd de gris – a project that works with groups of women to explore notions of identity, self-image and the pressures society forces upon us.

A remarkable first session of was filled with beauty, sadness and an overriding feeling of optimism. I was moved by how quickly the group chose to open their hearts and how very supportive they were of each other: feelings of being able to express themselves without being judged.

I was also heartened by how comfortable the women were in trying everything that was offered, so we were able to move, sing, read out together, play a musical instrument for the first time! and make art!

I have no doubt that this project will go from strength to strength.

Here are some responses from the group as to why they joined us on the project:

“Some people they don’t cry because they are weak.
Some people cry because they want to be strong.
But we can cry here … here it is okay to cry.”

“I have come to find the light within myself, to re-ignite my creative expression.
Who am I? … all these masks I wear to all the different people in my life. It is exhausting.”

“I need a peace. I need a happiness. I needed a freedom. I can’t get out of my problems, I have too much problems.”

“I want to forget my past. I want to move in my life. I need strength.”

Stay with us on this project and share your thoughts and comments with us …

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