Our thoughts are with the Yemen today …

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Thinking about the situation in the Yemen, I came across this quote from our time spent with the Yemeni community in Salford around 10 years ago …

‘We want to celebrate our culture; ours is a very old, unique culture and we have to demonstrate it to the wider community. It is so important that the children and young people understand the journeys that their parents and grandparents made – this poem is a beginning in that dialogue.

This poem brings together both the young and old in our community – it relates back to 1000 grandfathers!Jeff and Sharon came in to our community from the outside and, through their work, have uplifted and supported our community. They believed in us and in so doing helped us to believe in ourselves.

Projects like this need to be listened to – we need to show people who we are and at the same time let Yemeni people where know where they came from.This work helps to give direct expression to some of the problems we are undergoing and some of the difficulties we face.’

(Yusuf Bagail – Yemeni Community Association)

We met so many wonderful people during our time in Salford … and heard so many special, loving stories from an amazing people about their country.

Sharon and I cannot imagine what life has become for many of their family members now but our hopes and prayers will be with them always.