Dreams – A Creative Retreat

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An extraordinary two days up at Whitestone Arts last Thursday and Friday. Sharon, Natalie and Amy-Rose from verd de gris brought together 24 women from very different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to share something of their lives and life experiences through song, writing poetry, dancing and to daring to DREAM!

It is impossible to underestimate what can happen when you create an environment that is SAFE: a space that holds no judgement and is led by creative, passionate and compassionate workshop leaders.

Here is a quote from Cath from Cath&AngusMusic who support some of the women through the ‘Hope Reclaimed’ project in Halifax …

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team. The impact the 2 days had on our girls was phenomenal. They came back and some were literally bouncing up and down as they came to find me and tell me how amazing it’s been. I even spent an entire car journey with B singing the songs to me…. bella mama….! One woman (L) said she felt there had been huge personal breakthroughs. She showed me the poem you wrote together – powerful stuff!! So just want to encourage you because you’ve really impacted these lives for good …”

And some responses from the women themselves:

“I feel inspired. Im full of fire and determination, light and hope. Everything we do has an impact.” Sameena

“Being here has given me the space to be myself. Everyone has been so generous of themselves and given such a lot of positive energy. This is a beautiful place. I lay in a field and watched swallows flying overhead!” Polly

“I will take away self belief, confidence and self respect. I am beautiful and my presence makes a difference to others in a positive way!” Saalihah

“I will take away: Love from the group. Belonging from the group. Hearing the whisper in my ear from the group of beautiful women. I will treasure the memories created. When we all sat and created the piece of art, you could feel the energy in the room. I will remember the many smiles that were shared and the singing was just WOWW. I closed my eyes to feel the vibration in the room. Truly grateful, an amazing gift. x” Debbie

People fly – what was achieved in only 2 days will stay with us all for ever …