‘Our Music sets us Free’ – Creative Communities

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Year II of our Creative Communities programme with Square Chapel Arts

We are at the start of Year II of our partnership project with Square Chapel Arts and this year the theme will be about inspiring and connecting through the power of music. The idea behind this comes from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people (whether real or imagined).

In Year II music will be the touchstone of our Creative Programme: reminiscence and creative participation with targeted groups will be informed by research and exploration of ‘musical heritage’. Music will underpin briefs for commissioned artists and their workshop outputs. Music will provide the backdrop to shared celebratory events and ‘cultural’ exchanges.
And a key part of Year II’s creative journey will be our programme of work with Halifax Roma Group. 
We will use our emerging relationship with Pavel Botos and the Roma community as a basis for workshops with other groups across Calderdale.

A big part of YEAR II will be about ‘bringing communities together’ – and we are really excited about getting local partners on board to help us deliver this amazing project. We want both old and young here in Calderdale to learn more about the people from our local Roma community – to encourage them to empathise and connect emotionally with people from a different cultural tradition. 

We also want them to explore and learn more about their own rich heritage – the cultural life of the South Pennines: the rugged landscape, the sound of Brass, the rush of water through sluice and lock-gate and the ‘music’ it makes!

verd de gris will be bringing some wonderful performers and artists to work with us in 2016 and we aim to showcase the best that Calderdale can offer in terms of participatory workshops and celebratory events.

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