Why Volunteer?

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Volunteering with verd de gris … what’s it all about?

We have a long track record of working with and encouraging local people to help and support our project work in the community. Through training in our methodology and watching us work, volunteers have shown they are particularly keen to explore our ‘creative’ methodology.

We know volunteer involvement brings an added depth and a richness to the sessions and provide tangible benefit to the participants (particularly young volunteers): for people affected by dementia, there are few opportunities to be with and share meaningful experiences with younger people – multi-generational environment bring a new energy and dynamic to the sessions.

For newer volunteers, some come from an arts background and are keen to gain experience of applying their skills working with people / a condition they’ve never worked with before. We have also had volunteers coming from mental health backgrounds who have become interested in Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention as a methodology and are keen to learn how a more ‘creative’ approach can impact on people affected by conditions of this kind.

This Saturday Sharon and Natalie from verd de gris took our current (and some new) volunteers up to @WhitestoneArts for an afternoon of creativity, togetherness and reflection … it was a very wet day but, as always, Whitestone was filled with love and warmth …

Sharon Lunch Party ! 007