‘Behind the Mask’ Week 5 – Whitestone Arts Retreat Day

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“FREEDOM, from culture, rules, society.
by Yasmin

What an extraordinary day! The Behind the Mask project had an away day at the magical Whitestone Arts creative retreat in Stanbury, near Howarth. And what a beautiful place: the amazing landscape high, high above anywhere and so far away from reality as we needed to get.

There is something that happens when you come to this special place – maybe it’s the sense of isolation, maybe it’s how the sun always comes out when we are there! (if only for a moment, even when heavy rain has been forecast). Just the earth beneath our feet, no tarmac or concrete, the warmth and welcome from Judith and Simon and the deep appreciation from the group, who begin to soak up the spiritual atmosphere of the place.

Therese said: “Thank you for a wonderful day. Even though the weather was kind to us, we didn’t need to worry as we had enough warmth and love between us all to share. God bless you for giving me the chance to experience this journey with you.”

We are 5 weeks into the journey now and it has and continues to be amazing! Powerful, sometimes tearful but always joyous. It’s a testament to the women who have come with me and signed up for the project – their courage and fortitude … it is a privilege to work with you special people!

“Find your inner strength, courage and the
wisdom to own your identity.
You are not stoppable,
you are fabulous,
dance to your beat.”
by Cheryl

Here are a couple of photographs of birds we made in session 4 – the birds were hung from a branch at Whitestone and threaded with tiny scrolls of paper filled with affirmations and wishes for the group’s striving for a beautiful and peaceful life!

btm13 btm7

“But others do clip your wings they don’t want you to fly.
The jewels you naturally have, they could never buy.
Don’t dumb yourself down for these, you’ll never be free
Find bigger lands that will cherish, and let me be me!”
By Cheryl

“I am hoping to find peace
somebody hearing the people crying
but I am not crying – i need happiness, every day
I sleep in the night and wait for tomorrow….”
by Shamim

We will post photographs of this beautiful day quite soon so please stay in touch.
Sharon, verd de gris xxx