‘Behind the Mask’ – Week 2

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‘Behind the Mask’ is an important new development for verd de gris – a project that works with groups of women to explore notions of identity, self-image and the pressures society forces upon us.

“I am really looking forward to coming again on Friday, thank you for making me feel so welcome. I have never been in a space like that, that is so supportive and freeing.”

“This was a session filled with such a mix of women: women of different faiths, different ages, different lives … and filled with the desire to be free. Free of all the negative emotions that pull the women down. A session filled with such truth and courage.”

These amazing women are here because they are ready to make big changes. And as the session leader, I feel driven to bring more and more wonderful experiences for them to try … for them to feel and express and to see them ‘fly’.

I saw glimpses of this last week …” from Sharon, Session Leader

… a poem from a group member who was inspired by the first session and emailed us this poem

You asked me to feel the colours ; I bloomed
Red and orange overflowed my sorrow
I succeed

You asked me to follow the sun; I parachuted
The trust of our hands – my confident chords
landed calmly
behind the mask

… and some thoughts from the group on how to find peace:

“Within my heart – within my mind – within my soul – within my life – within me.”
“Peace is within, love is true, life is love, live life to the full, be happy with what you have, be calm, be kind to ourselves.”