‘Land Beneath My Feet’ (Meray Pahu Kay Neechay Zameen)

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Over the next few weeks we are preparing the celebration event for our project ‘Meray Pahu Kay Neechay Zameen’ at Halifax Academy on March 10th.

This project has seen verd de gris work in partnership with Halifax Opportunities Trust to involve younger women from Halifax’s Pakistani community – young women recently arrived in the UK – to encourage them to share with us their thoughts on well-being, and in particular:

  • What well-being means to them – what makes them feel well and happy …
  • What are the contributing factors that effect their sense of ‘well being’?
  • If we are aware of these factors, can we take positive steps to change our sense of well-being?

Underlying all this was the question of how can we work together to address the issues of poor mental health for women within the BAME community and the stigma that holds back meaningful dialogue. Its also about showing how effective the creative arts can be when applied in this field. The project also involves working with a new group of middle-aged women, and intergenerational work with local children from Savile Park Primary. The project is very much about talking and sharing – between the women themselves and between the generations. What the women have accomplished is extraordinary in such a short space of time – we feel very privileged to have met and worked with such a group.


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