There are some areas of real and persistent poverty and inequality in parts of Calderdale, especially in our most deprived wards in Halifax but also in pockets in our smaller towns and neighbourhoods. Overall Calderdale’s rank in the Index of Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), which measures levels of poverty across the country, worsened from 105th most deprived out of 326 local authorities in 2010 to 89th most deprived in 2015. We choose to work in those areas at risk of becoming permanently excluded from the benefits of economic growth.

The project targets women between ages of 25-60 who have been unemployed for 6 months+ and is delivered in a central location and caters for participants coming from particularly marginalised communities across the borough, including: Park Ward (with a high density of BAME communities), Brighouse (acute social issues in British White communities and one of the highest ward income disparities in the UK.

We employ a successful creative methodology (#behindthemask) using a series of tried and tested confidence-building exercises – including breathing techniques, creative writing, peer support work.

verd de gris supplement sessional work with on-going one-to-one support, home visits, community advice sessions, to encourage and support consistent participation. Our aim is to build group dynamic / group confidence introducing the women to social experiences, including events at libraries, galleries, community events, conferences.

This project is supported by ESF European Social Fund and GroundworkUK helping people return to work or full time education.