Let’s Cook – Young Carers Cookbook

Here at verd de gris we love to cook and to celebrate the heritage and culture of cooking. So we were delighted to be given the chance, working with West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership Unpaid Carers & Personalised Care to create a cookbook, full of recipes that mean something special to young carers across West Yorkshire. This could be a recipe that has a strong memory attached to it, is closely linked to a family’s heritage, or a just something that’s quick and easy to cook but tastes great!

When we were asked to get involved we wanted to find out as much information as we could about how young carers felt about the food they eat. So we asked them to tell us about their favourite meals: the only provision being it had to be home-cooked – no fast-food or bought from a take-away!

We wanted to know why was it such a favourite. It might be because of the person who had cooked it for them when they first ate it, or that it reminded them of a special place or time in their life. What made it taste so good?

We also found an amazing group of young carers who wanted to help us design the book – by doing some arty ZOOM sessions with us to illustrate the recipes with drawings and paintings of food and cookery stuff.

Together we have collected over 20 recipes. We hope they represent the absolute FAVOURITE meals and food of our young carers in West Yorkshire.

You can have a read of the book and follow the recipes here:


We believe that, whatever your age, good food makes your life better.


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