MY HEART SAYS – Adults with learning disabilities art project …

A celebration of the wonderful artwork and poetry produced by the Lead The Way weekly art group in Calderdale, West Yorkshire:

“When the pandemic started, we had to hold our Art Group sessions online.To help people get involved in face-to-face sessions again, we wanted to start with a special project. With funding from Creative Minds, we were able to invite Sharon, an experienced artist from verd de gris arts, to work with the members over 8 exciting sessions.

Some members of the group had never met each other before. Most of the adults and their carers didn’t know what to expect … but Sharon quickly helped us come out of our shells!”

I loved this project and I loved creating art in such a free and liberating way with this wonderful group of people.Wow! How they brought joy to me, to each other and to all the carers and support staff. It really was a room full of happiness, made more poignant I’m sure, because of what we’ve all lived through in the Pandemic.
Throughout the project the group expressed themselves through different art forms: drawing, painting, singing, dancing and sharing their words. It became an exchange between myself and the group.

Each session shaped what activity, songs and music I brought in the following week. Gathering the group’s words was such an important part of the process – I believe we need to see and really listen to people. Giving everyone time and space to find ways to express their thoughts and share their words was so crucial! For this is where the poetry is – where the beauty lies.

To quote Lisa,“My heart says I’m alright’.When we were all together,in that room on those wintryThursday mornings, the sun always seemed to shine (it really did!) and our hearts indeed were ‘alright!’
One last thing, please be inspired by the group’s words and really think, WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?


You can have a read of this unique, limited edition book here on ISSUU:

Please have a watch of the beautiful film made by Geoff Brokate – capturing the magic of a creative session:

LEAD THE WAY is a service for adults who have a learning disability and their family carers in Calderdale. Our groups and events help people to get involved in health and wellbeing activities while making new friends. Some members of our friendly team have lived experience of a learning disability.